Discover the emotion of Cinematic Wedding Video.

Brittany & Mike

A winter wedding! A New Year's Eve wedding!

Venue: The Double Arrow.

Alyssa & Josh

A golden early autumn day in the Bitterroot.

Venue: The Flower Farm.

Willow & Justin

Oh, golly. You know that feeling when the wind rushes over the tarmac just as your lover closes in to lift you into a private plane to the Caribbean? It's like that.

Venue: White Raven.

Bree & Eric

A distillation of the first day of married life, a life beginning in the mountains.

Venue: Whitefish Mountain Resort.


With either package, we'll create a trailer, a 3-5 minute distillation of your wedding day set to music. Full of emotion and style, it's no wonder that these wedding videos are becoming our most sought-after video service.

We'll also create a feature-length document including your ceremony, first dance, toasts and behind-the-scenes moments.

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Document $1600

2 Camera Operators

5 Hours

If you don't want our full service, but still want a video of your wedding to have high production values, we can approach your day from more of a documentarian vantage. That means fewer sweeping, cinematic shots.

Feature $2200

3 Camera Operators

All-day Coverage

Interview Session

Drone Coverage (Where Permitted)

Having more videographers means that your videos will have more angles on the action. We can show more closeups of reactions and include landscape shots to show off the scenic context you've chosen for your ceremony.

It also means more shots where the camera can follow your dancing or dramatic entrance. This movement is a key ingredient in video that conveys real feeling!

"I get chills every time I watch this. Thank you, Slikati! You captured our day so beautifully." - Jaclyn
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