• "The final photos were amazing in quality, and I was actually a bit astounded at how pretty I looked."

    — Hollie Timmons
  • "They worked so incredibly hard all day!"

    — Benny Moreno
  • "We could not be happier with how everything turned out."

    — Janae & Arron Naab
  • "They're very easy-going, have a great sense of humor and manage to put you at ease without you even noticing."

    — Ellina Sattarova
  • "Amazing job!"

    — Louis Candreva
  • "Very fun, creative, and happy business. I felt so comfortable and beautiful in their presence!"

    — Kelsey Estabrook
  • "Tom and Tonya, Thank you both so much! You were wonderful to work with. "

    — Becca Goe

"Tom and Tonya with Slikati Photography are absolutely wonderful to work with. I can be somewhat uncomfortable having my picture taken, but they set me at ease and gave direction when I needed it, making the session fun and comfortable. The final photos were amazing in quality, and I was actually a bit astounded at how pretty I looked. I definitely recommend Slikati, particularly for higher-stress events (like a wedding!) or having an individual portrait taken, which is daunting in its own way. The photographers are professional, warm, accommodating, and they take as much care with the post-session process as they do during."
Hollie Timmons

"It's really hard not to sound too excited about Tom and Tonya's work! I've worked with them on several occasions and now have a whole selection of fantastic pictures from a cowgirl from a Western movie to a chic fur-clad lady! Although I tend to be shy and nervous, Tom and Tonya made the photo shoots loads of fun. They're very easy-going, have a great sense of humor and manage to put you at ease without you even noticing. I looked at the final product and started thinking that I was a far better model than I thought I was. The truth is it was all the result of Tom and Tonya's work! They know exactly what they're doing and they take amazing pictures in any setting. I'd recommend Slikati to anyone looking for great quality photography!"
Ellina Sattarova

"The time and hard work they put into our wedding was phenomenal. In the end, I received more photos than I expected and we love them. Kudos to a pair of great photographers!"
Kirsten and Eric Salgas

"We all know how stressful planning a wedding can be. The hardest part for me was finding an affordable and professional photographer. Slikati Photography was just what I needed. They were professional yet relaxed and prepared for each and every turn of the day. Tom even came to the rehearsal dinner to get a feel for the room and lighting ensuring perfect photos for us! They brought their own empty gold frame for taking photos of guests and more. What a blast! We could not be happier with how everything turned out. I was so excited that we got all of our photos on a dvd to print whenever desired and we also got to pick all our photos for our wedding book making it exactly what we wanted! I recommend Slikati Photography to everyone who is engaged or just needs great photos! Thanks for everything"
Janae and Arron Naab

"Thank you Tom & Tonya for capturing EVERY moment at our wedding! You were wonderful to work with and we love each and everyone of our photos! The Photobooth was a big success!! You do amazing work and we couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out."
Kelsey Grover

"I am not the type to go through the clicks it takes to review anything, especially if their line of work comes even tangentially close to what I do (I edit video). But, as it so happens, I found myself at more than a few events photographed by Slikati and I have to say these guys do with swimming ease and smoothness what most photographers don't learn to do after entire careers. They weave their way through the essentials AND the Kodak moments of any event less noticeably than fruit flies on the wall thus producing images that are not only technically perfect but are also spontaneous and authentic. This is to say nothing of the visionary taste manifest in the photos they stage. When I finally swallowed my photography ego enough to meet the owners (who are these guys who seem to have a monopoly on my friends' photography business?!) I found them strikingly down-to-earth and personable. I would not been moved to write this had they not also been as forthcoming and generous in addressing a technical issue of mine (revealing a trade secret in the process) when they did not know me from Adam. Helping others without expecting anything in return is the mark of truly good human beings. In the owners of Slikati you will also find excellent artistry, which, in my book, make for the rarest of all type of human awesomeness. May all photography work be contracted to these guys because that means more unassuming beauty all around!"
Ali Tabibnejad

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