What makes great senior portraits?

  • Excellent photos result from good listening as well as seeing. We like to plan your shoot with you, finding locations and photographic elements meaningful to you.

Do you photograph sessions in-studio or on-location?

  • Both! While our specialty is vibrant, on-location portraiture – from urban settings to natural landscapes and custom locations – we also photograph seniors in our studio. We create the senior experience that YOU want.

Do we have to meet for a consultation? Can I just schedule a session over the phone?

  • While we don’t require an in-person consultation, we do highly recommend it. Before we ever put you in front of a camera, we like to get you know you as an individual.  That way, we can custom design your session.  What we’re going to do, where we’re going to do it, even some ideas on what you might wear!

Speaking of clothes, what should I wear?

  • Girls: Our sessions are based on time, not on the number of outfits. Generally we can shoot 2-3 outfits per hour, but bring as many as you want and we'll help you select the best variety of looks! Small patterns or prints generally look better than large. Darker tones are more flattering than bright colors or neon, which can cast unwanted glow. Style your hair and make-up as you normally would (a common misconception is that our lighting will wash you out, but we're not blasting you with theater lighting, so no worries!), and a hairbrush or comb to tame fly-aways.
  • Guys: Just like for girls, we recommend you bring a variety of options, such as T- shirts, polo, crew neck, button down or sweaters. Jeans, light or dark, and shorts look great. Letter jackets look best with a white T-shirt. Lastly, make sure to bring a comb or brush to keep those locks in place!

What if I wear glasses?

  • If you normally wear glasses, wear them for your portrait! Just let us know in advance and we'll make sure to light you so as to avoid glare. Having the lenses removed temporarily is not necessary, but if you're really motivated to do so, it allows for a wider array of lighting set-ups.

What about props?

  • Bring all the accessories for your outfits, such as jewelry, shoes, etc. Bring any props such as jerseys, musical instruments, class ring, pets, books, bags, cars, snowmobiles, cycles, trophies… Anything that expresses your unique style! We do not charge extra for any of the above. We want you to feel comfortable and most of all… HAVE FUN!

What if it rains during my photo shoot?

  • As you know, weather in Montana can be unpredictable. If your session gets rained out (or snowed or it's too smoky), we will reschedule your session for the next available date at your convenience.

How soon will the photos be available after the shoot?

  • A full password-protected, custom proofing gallery containing 20-40 images is available on our client server within 2-3 weeks of your session, and possibly even sooner! Once we have your approval, we mail you a DVD with both high-resolution images perfect for printing, and screen-resolution images for sharing online. The images are licensed to you so you can print wherever, whenever, and in whatever quantity! Print ordering is also available from your gallery at very reasonable rates- perfect for family and friends out of town!

Do you edit the images?

  • All of the images presented in the proofing gallery must meet our standard of approval. We know you want to look your best so we bring 18 years of Photoshop experience to bear on perfecting your pictures. See something you would like changed? We’ll do it!

We’d like some images in black & white and/or sepia. Do we have to pay extra?

  • Nope! We routinely apply creative color treatments to photos.

Do you photograph yearbook headshots?

  • Check your school’s guidelines for yearbook headshots.  If you are allowed to select your own image to submit from your senior portrait session, then we can photograph any type of image that you would like for your yearbook.

What is the best time to reserve a session?

  • Our calendar fills up fast, so you'll want to reserve your date as soon as possible.